What Are The Best Big Truck Games For Kids To Play For Free

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What Are The Best Big Truck Games For Kids To Play For Free
Big truck games for kids are the perfect option for preschoolers, little kids, big kids, and even tweens. It is true that they may love to play games, get impressed by big trucks and others. But it does not mean that they cannot learn something from the game. Here, we would like to provide you the list of some recommended truck games for kids.

1. Trucks HD

This game is perfect for kids aged three years and over. It is the fun way to learn about vehicles. The game offers a fun and interactive app for young kids. In this game, kids are able to choose five mini-games, such as Carwash, Garbage and Recycling, Tow Truck, Bulldozer and Dump Truck, and Car Parade. In each activity, they must discover the interactive elements and find how to use them to unlock the next level. This is one of the free big truck games can educate your kids.

2. Monster Truck Nitro

You can play this game on iPhone, iPad Touch, and iPad. It is a good choice for kids aged five years and over. In addition, this is a monster truck racing game that makes the player have to jump over the obstacles in various trucks. We can say that the game offers semi-realistic physics to the convey momentum.
For kids, they have to complete the courses in the certain time if they want to unlock other tracks. To do so, they have to accelerate by using the right thumb and then braking with the left thumb rarely. They can increase their speed by using nitro boots. If they can achieve gold medals in each track, they are able to unlock other trucks. However, it is not a game for free. You must pay about $.99

3. Snuggle Truck

It is one of the big truck games for kids about eight years and over.The game extends the replayability of the physics-based racer. In addition, it is a free arcade racing game that forces the players to keep the pickup truck with stuffed animals level as the truck navigates values and hills. The task is to avoid any items fall out. Besides, your kids have to drag objects on the screen from the collection of items and then choose the trucks that are possible to handle the items.

4. Trucks and Skulls Nitro

This fun and boisterous puzzle game have the concept similar to Angry Birds. It is a physics-based puzzle game with the same formula as in Angry Birds. To play, kids have to fling trucks into the air to destroy skulls. When your kids are able to pass through the levels, the higher levels bring more complex. The game comes with 200 levels and the app offers a little value for any price. Each truck in this game has their own personality but they are loud and boisterous.

After that, your kids can share the high scores via the Game Center social network, but it is optional for the participation. The game is also available in an iPad-only HD version.
Those are all the options available when it comes to the big truck games for kids.

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