The Ultimate Guide Of Big Truck Salvage Bidding Process

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Big Truck Salvage can be the best option to buy heavy equipment and cargo salvage. The site provides many advantages for their buyers. They auction up to 10,000 salvages per year. On an average day, they have 100 to 200 pieces of heavy truck salvage listed in the entire United States. Besides, most insurance companies in the U.S. and the independent sellers are using Big Truck Salvage to sell the salvage.

The first thing to know is the viewing salvage. Their system divides the salvage into six categories, which are Truck Salvage, Cargo Salvage, Trailer Salvage, Miscellaneous Salvage, Off-Road Equipment Salvage, and big truck salvage parts.

At the home page, you can choose a category from “Salvage Categories” on the top left side of this page. After that, you will see a list of salvage statues, which are open, closed, and posted
– Open salvage means the salvage is available for bids.
– Closed salvage means it is in the closed status in three days. The company will send the bid results to the seller. After that, the seller processes the bid results and then determines whether they will sell the salvage to their high bidder or not.
– Posted salvage means the company posted the bidding results.

Besides, you can narrow down your selection through the Zip Code Tool. It lets you narrow your search based on a zip code. To do so, type in a zip code and then choose the radius area. The site will display the salvage in the radius. So, if you want to seek for heavy truck salvage Maine, you should enter the zip code.

Once you decided a piece of salvage, you will go to the Salvage Survey page. Here, the page describes the salvage, the condition, and the location. What you can do is to choose to bid on the piece, view the picture or print the survey sheet.

When you click “Bid on Salvage” located at the top of the survey page, it will send you to the Buyer’s Sign In page. Here, you should enter your User Id, such as email address and password. After that, you can choose Sign In at the bottom of the page. It is important to start bidding on salvage. You are now entering the Salvage Bid Page. There, you can find the list of your company’s name, the bid date, the user ID, the salvage closing data and others.

After providing the correct information, you can enter the dollar amount in the first box and the cent amount in the next box. Then, click “Submit My Bid”. The page will send you to the Bid Confirmation Page. You can review, cancel your bid, replace, and submit it. After the submission, the page will send you to the Bid Completion Page. Here, you can start to search for salvage again.

After closing the salvage, the status changes to Closed. ‘Closed’ means that the period will last for three days. During this period, the company will compile the bidding results and send these results to the seller.

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