How To Change Big Truck Tires And Five Important Tools You Must Have

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How to change big truck tires are not something easy that all people can do. To perform this task, you need a skillful and diligent technician. Besides, the tire service is an expensive job to do so. It is because you have to start investing your money in the training and have the tools to complete the job.

To mount and install heavy truck tires, we need to follow the Occupational Safety And Health Administration Procedures (OSHA). There are some regulations you must follow. OSHA is useful as the guide to complete this dangerous jab. Goodyear big truck tires developed the program, along with the safety checklist.
Here, we provide you the information about what you must have to start mounting and installing tires.

1. Tire Cage

OSHA mandates the tire cages. It is important to inflate any tire in a safety cage for any tire inflated off the truck. This is crucial to protect you from any deflating tires or exploding. In fact, wrong mounting and some reasons can lead to a rapid deflation. A tire cage must be available to absorb the energy of the rapid discharge air from the truck’s tire and wheel during its installation.
In case that you want to mount and demount your truck’s tires, you must invest in a tire cage.

2. Remote Inflation System

By using a remote inflation, system along with the pressure-limiting regulator can prevent any danger. The remote will shut off and then clip on the air chuck. Of course, the technician can still see from a safe distance about the condition. This is the recommended procedure from OSHA.
They key is to make sure that the technicians are away from the inflating tire. This is good to prevent any injuries from the possible exploding tires.

3. Tire Bead Seating Tool

On how to change big truck tires, you also need tire bead seating tool. If you have mounted the tire properly with the right lubricant on the tire bead and the wheel bead seats will seat properly. However, this sign is not always happening. Based on OSHA, it is okay to put more pressure on the tire to the seat and then hold it on the wheel. But, it should not be more than 20 psi.
You can use the plan B if the bead fails to the seat. A bead-seating tool is able to put a large volume of air to the tire and then push the bead up onto the seats.

4. Torque Wrench

A calibrated torque wrench can prevent you from the disaster. Impact wrenches are good for running nuts to the studs so that the wheel centered on the hub pilots. The final process is still using a calibrated torque wrench to turn on the nut.

5. The Instructions

It sounds nothing, but truly, it is important. Well, it is the best way to make sure that the technician has been trained and certified to do wheel and tire installation. It is also under the regulation. As you know that, a fleet owner is under the control if an involved in the wheel-related accidents. Therefore, training certificates, proper policy, instructions, and procedures are crucial.
Those are all about Goodyear big truck tires and the tools you need to change your trucks’ tires.

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