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Big truck simulator makes you as the truck driver let you enjoy a real trucker game. There are many truck games available for exciting game experience, easy customizations and bring you the sensation to drive real trucks. If you are searching for the best big truck trader and truck driving games, here we suggest you some options that you can download for free on your mobile.

1. Euro Truck Driver Simulator

It lets you enjoy the European trucks with many customizations. The truck simulator provides an exciting driving experience so you will get the sensation of driving real trucks. You can drive the trucks to travel around many countries to visit Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Paris, and many more!

Even you can try to play the career mode of the truck simulator to make money and purchase new trucks, have some upgrades and then explore the trucking world. The online multiplayer mode is also available where you can challenge your friends and show off the customized truck you have. This game has a new multiplayer system, as well.

The creator offers the game with some interesting features such as more than 20 realistic cites, drive across the country roads and highways, realistic weather conditions and day/night cycle, detailed interior for each truck brand and the amazing engine sound.

2. Truck Driver 3D

It is the original-style simulator for trucks and other large vehicles. In this simulator, you must complete various missions to go to the next level. In addition, it comes with trucks, bulldozers, tow trucks, tankers and more. There are 10 levels in this game and each level has four scenarios.
When you play this game, the essential thing is at the time. If you cannot manage the time, you may run out of fuel and lose the game.

3. Texas Truck Drive

This is a big truck simulator game with the task to drive the Texas truck and transport the materials, cargo, or goods to the destination area. To start, select the favorite truck and then move in the heavy traffic around the city. In addition, you have to deal with the U-turns, move carefully beside other vehicles and control your truck so it does not fall with the heavy load. However, you must not drop the goods on the roads.
It is a great game for your mobile devices because it offers realistic physics and challenging truck simulation.

4. Truck Racer

If you love playing arcade game and trucks, you should play this game. Truck Racer is the greatest mobile racing game for you. As the driver, you have to deal with the endless traffic and the environment. You should control your truck; overtake the traffic while earning coins to buy new trucks. Besides, this game means you are going to get endless truck racing experience with the endless game mode, different locations and trucks, simulator-like controls, and 3D realistic cockpit view.

Therefore, if you think that you have a big fantasy of a truck driver, you can spend your free time to play the games above and have fun. Even, you can use your Android devices to play big truck simulator android.

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