Best Little Big Trucks Toys Available In This Year

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Little big truck or semi truck can be a great gift for kids so they can play and explore their imagination. There are many options available, such as a single truck, an entire fleet, they will move the trucks around, load and then unload the trucks, as they want.

In addition, toy semi trucks are available in many sizes, it can be realistic or not. It may come with lights and sounds, while others are not. When you are going to choose a truck toy, make sure that it is age appropriate. Here, we provide you some best options to go with.

1. Bruder Mack Granite Flatbed Truck

This is a classic Mac truck with JCB loader backhoe. It means that your kids will get two toys. The semi truck has a flatbed trailer with the backhoe so they can play it separately.
The truck is fully playable with the detachable trailer, removable side gates, fifth wheel hitch, and fold down ramps with the chains that you can unhook. Besides, the mirrors are foldable. Other features are the opening doors, the locking device, the folding support bar, and more.

2. Big Farm Peterbilt Model 367 Vehicle

We can say that it is the detailed scale model of grain trailer and truck. It just likes other semi trucks. The design is durable so your kids can play it inside or outside your house. Ertl is a popular and trusted company with their commitment to providing high quality little big trucks toys made of plastics. In addition, the truck comes with realistic details, such as opening doors, extra set of wheels, and movable mirrors.

3. Kenworth Livestock Tractor Trailer

It comes with 17-inch long to transport ten cows included in this toy. It can be your choice if you need little big truck toys for your kids. Besides, the truck adds fun and playability with the presence of farm playset.

4. WolVol Boys Container Trailer

Well, it is not only for boys. Your little girls will love playing this toy truck. It is a small truck with the die-cast front end. Besides, the company offers it as a plastic trailer with colorful fruits accent. You can detach the truck and the trailer to play them separately. It also comes with the installed battery to power the sounds and lights.

5. Hot Wheels City Blastin’Rig Semi Truck Toys

We provide it as the last option. It is a semi truck that can haul more than 14 hot wheels cars and other equipment to transport. The truck comes with a built-in and kid powered launcher. It is a great toy so you can start the race. The company offers it with three Hot Wheels vehicles.

When it is about your kids and you have no idea about the best gift to give, these little big trucks toys can be your inspiration to tell how much you love them indirectly. They are a great vehicle for their imagination. Have you found the best option for your kids?

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