Best Big Truck Racing Games And Crashes For PC

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Big truck racing is one of the most popular games available on the Internet. Some of us use our Android devices to play a game. However, you cannot let your kids keep playing on your phone that makes you have no chance to check all the notifications related to your business. Therefore, it is the time for them to go back to their PC and stay having fun with the game.

Here, we provide you the best big truck racing games that you can download for your kids. These games are perfect for PC. Once you download and install the games, they will not use your mobile devices anymore.

1. American Truck Simulator

It is one of the best simulator games for adults and perhaps your kids. The game is about you, as the driver, who buy the truck and then you are the owner of a big transportation manufacturer. The game comes with more than 30 cities connected with the dense road network. You can drive from one end to another for up to 2 minutes.
There is some object characteristic available in this game. For example, when you drive into Las Vegas, you can find many casinos. Meanwhile, Los Angeles welcomes you with the tall skyscrapers that will be replaced with luxury villas, palm trees, and other attractions.

2. Truck Racer

It is one of big truck racing options, which is about controlling a big truck in the weight 5 tons. You should reach the finish line. There are some modes available such as Championship, Elimination and Quick Race, as well as Time Attack.
It is a nice truck racing game; you must remove all your opponents try to block your way. You should get your pride. Besides, you can customize your truck from the paint, the engine, and others. There are 48 tracks available in this game and you can play it online to find friends as the opponents. In addition, the game supports multiplayer to start maximum destruction.

3. Monster Truck Fury

It is a popular game as a trial version available for your PC if you are using Windows. This is one of big truck racing crashes to travel to the roads. Many people have downloaded the game. The game got more than 13,000 downloads. Speaking of the game, a slick game does not take much storage on your PC. It is a popular game in Indonesia, Poland, and Brazil. If you are using Windows 2000 and prior versions, you can install the game on your PC. Well, the company presented it in English.

Like other racing games, you have to be the winner in the racing competition in this game. It means you must defeat all trucks so you can reach the first in the finish line. In addition, an arcade game requires your efforts and strategies to be the winner. The game comes with six tracks for off-road. Besides, there are three modes available in the game. The multiplayer options are also available to start your game time.

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