All About Big Truck Driver And The Average Salary

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Do you have a dream to be a big truck driver? Well, it is possible for you. Semi-truck drivers are also popular as the heavy truck driver or tractor-trailer driver. The duty is to transport goods, drive through the long distances in the truck with the capacity of 26,001 pounds minimum per gross of the truck weight. As a truck driver, you have to accept your job, to work away from your home and family for days and even weeks. Of course, you must have an excellent physical stamina because you are driving for many hours.

Basic Level

There are 1,508,620 of semi-truckers with the average earning $19.15 per hour in the nation in 2011. It means that they can make $39,930 per year. This is valid information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In addition, the bottom 10% could earn less than $11.96 per hour or the same as $24,880 per year. Meanwhile, the top 10% earned more than $28.10 per hour, which means $58,440 per year.

These drivers are driving from city to city or even state to state. Besides, they still follow the entire traffic laws, checking their rigs before and after the trip, load and then unload their cargo, too. They use a log to document their activities, report any problems to the dispatcher, and then keep their trucks in a good maintenance.

Employers Level

In 2011, there were more than a third of semi-truckers got hired by freight trucking companies. They earned $19.83 per hour, which means $41,250 per year. The 14% of these drivers were the expert in freight trucking with the salaries $18.87 per hour, which means $39,260 per year. Couriers and express delivery drivers got the highest paid with their average salaries at $27.32 per hour, or $56,830 per year. Next, the drivers hired by manufacturers of aerospace parts and products got $27.09 per hour, which means $56,350 per year.

Based On Location

If you have a big truck driver license, and you are seeking for a job opportunity, Texas and California are the best states to start with. These states have many jobs for the semi-truckers, which has 9 and 8 % of the total positions. For the former, the average salary was $17.89 per hour. It means $37,220 per year. Meanwhile, the latter was able to pay $20.19 per hour, which means $41,990 per year. Besides, Chicago can be the city with most jobs of truck drivers with more than 2% positions available with the average salary $23.08 per hour. It means $48,000 per hour. Texas is the next choice for the employment with less than 2% of the positions offers the average salary $18.15 per hour, which means $37,760 per year.

According to BLS, the job opportunity for heavy truck drivers will be higher than 2011. The demand for the truck drivers is increasing by 2020. It is because the growth of the population and economy so that we need more goods. It means that the big truck driver salary can be higher in the future than in 2011. For many companies, they have difficulty to find semi-truckers. It is because most people do not want to spend their time away from home.

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