What is Big Trucks Games and the Best Choices for All Ages to Play

Big Truck Games are available in many options. Some gaming communities even make the list of the best simulator games. If you have a big passion for trucks, you will spend a lot of time to have fun playing big the truck game. These games are available in all kinds, such as the 18-wheel semi-trucks, garbage truck, firetruck, and even big truck trader.

Most of these games are the first person truck sims, which is enough to give a fantasy behind the wheel of the machines. Some simulators are also requiring you transporting the cargo and delivering the orders. Meanwhile, other simulators incorporate the facets of the feeling to drive truck. Here, we provide you the best truck simulator games to pick for all ages.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

We can say that the Euro Truck Simulator 2 on of the rare big truck games. It is a strong simulation and a strong game for you. It is about the obsession of the player for granted. This game is presented by Czech studio SCS.

In this game, you can enjoy the environment of Europe from the west, the Plymouth to the east, Wroclaw, from the north, Aberdeen to the south, Milan. The game creator stylizes and condenses the motorways and the major roads.

When playing the game, you will find a big satisfaction in exploring the new routes, finding the golden squiggles on the in-game map. As the Farming Simulator, ETS 2 has a simple and economic sandbox at its center.

The story starts, as you are a truck-less low-skilled drive forced to work from the haulage companies. Slowly or rapidly, you have to make money to buy your first rig and then rent the first yard. The fun starts when you have to contract to peruse, have truck pimping, upgrade skill, and hire a driver.

18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul

The open roads of North America are waiting for you. In this game, the story goes that you are an owner of your own trucking business. What you should do is to build your empire so you can dominate the roadways and become the winner in the competition. You should handle the pressure.

The game has many valuable things such as your consideration to take what your company is bidding for a job or moving on and losing the valuable time. In addition, you have to start behind the wheel to transport more than 45 types of cargo, such as chemicals, livestock, and mobile homes to create big bucks.

Other than that, you have to concern about the loading docks, managing the fuel, maintaining the trucks performance and others.

Therefore, we consider it as one of the big truck games with a nice story.


Last but not the least is Spintires, the off-roading simulation game by Pavel Zagrebelnyj and then published by the UK Publisher Oovee. As the player, you should take control of off-road trucks and then drive them through the muddy off-road terrain. You should complete the objectives in this game.

Get the sensation of driving large all-terrain vehicles from Soviet. After that, start your venture across the rugged landscape by using a map and a compass. During the journey, you may discover new trucks, garages, lumber mills, and fuelling stations.

Of course, each game comes with their features and challenges. You may find some big truck salvage game you can enjoy, but surely, these three simulator games are the best options to try.